Saturday, 12 September 2015

baby bottle

as there was an issue with one of the requested captions I will post it the good old fashioned way and put the text onto the page with the image

you:honey this feels weird, i know i said i would do whatever i could to help but...

wife: no buts, you are helping so much by being our daughters bottle, especially with all the milk you're providing us with

you:but what happens when i'm empty?

wife:well that's when the fun starts and you become our daughter

you: wait what?! i can't become my own daughter

wife:well a little late for that, the spell can't be reversed, so you either have to merge or be stuck as a baby bottle with milk forever

you: but i don't want either i.....

wife: finally the silencer must have kicked in, oh well...feeding time darling, i hope you're ready to absorb daddy into you

you:*scream mentally as your daughter begins to drink from you feeling yourself already starting to merge with her*

what is this madness?

what is this? has the site been hacked? there are never any posts here any more?

well guess again, i've put together a few captions...mainly the ones that have sat in the requests section for about the past year and a half, i may try to make a few more and post them but no promises.

So without further adu

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Google changes

OK guys not exactly the comeback you were probably thinking this would be but don't worry that will (hopefuly) be not too far away.

This is more to let the word out of possible changes in the way blogger blogs are run and viewed.

The reason for this is google has announced a change to blogs with sexual content(i'm not sure if this will be classed under the inanimate transformation blogs out there but just to be made aware of it)

Due to this i'm not entirely sure on what the situation will be with the blogs , such as will the blogs just be unfindable with searches or will the links from other blog locations help us to keep track of the blogs and still alow access.

However I would say that blogs should be ready for the possiblity of their blogs being unfindable.

However before everyone goes off on a mass rush to restart their blogs on another platform such as wordpress I would have a suggestion to any blog authors.

If this does cause the blogs to go to set access meaning the blogs can only befound by set people, would the idea of a joint colaboration blog be of interest?
 Kinda curious about peoples views on that or would the idea of too many people working on the same blog be too much like brabound?

Well leave a comment on what you think of the idea and if you have any other information in regards to the takedowns

Sunday, 20 April 2014

play bunny

well daniel I thought long about what to get you for your birthday and I finally found the perfect thing that also keeps with easter holidays....I decided I'd make you into a sexy playboy bunny outfit and give you to a bunny and let her keep you forever, won't that be fun....I'm guessing that's a yes, but since you're silenced I can't be sure...oh well sexy outfits don't talk they look sexy on their owner and as a heads up, playboy bunnies don't wear a bra or panties. See i'm quite pleased with this present for you I made it perfect..
So happy birthday and enjoy the playboy mansion...and the inside of your bunnies closet

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

april fools

well honey I know I promised I would turn you into a sexy pair of panties for some sexy young doll and I did . Perhaps you'd rather I turned you into a sexy nightdress like your friend?
Though perhaps this isn't what you had in mind, oh well april fools enjoy your existance as panties wrapped around my younger sisters barbies cause this is permenant.....ha got you again april the spell lasts until you are worn and are covered in body fluids, I bet you didn't think that would be the release condition huh? just don't go too rough on barbie hahaahahaha april fools I hope you enjoy your stay close up against barbie.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

it has returned

The witches had thought no one now knew of their existance meaning they could transform anyone they wished without arrousing suspicion. Those who did know of their existance had been forced under ground...well those who hadn't been forced udner the witches themselves.However now the world may go on knowing of the existance, knowing their many tricks

Yes after much trials she has returned to bring us more amazingness. Within one of the most gruesome battles of the witch wars however Purseboy was destroyed. However like the phoenix it rises once more, now more powerful than ever imagined.

so ladies and gentlemen, toys and bras, panties of all sizes i present to you ashelys newest creation

bra bound is the new replacement for purseboy bringing new features that will blow your mind. 
-A forum for chatting about anything really that comes into mind
-self uploading captions to share with the world
-messaging systems for staying in contact

and many more features to come.

So get on down to brabound and sign up for an account cause if you don't, then you'll not get to face the witches and know their wicked plans.

Monday, 23 December 2013

december contest results

and so the results of the competition for december are in.

and the winner of this one is................NO ONE

that's right no one entered this one so no one could win it. The fashion witches will be visiting you all in your sleep to turn you into festive clothing. I hope you enjoy being a pair of holiday stockings.

But oh well perhaps in the new year if some people manage to avoid the witches then we might get either some word on purseboy or perhaps will have more people enter.

But instead of the winners entry here is one which i have put together instead. After all not fair to leave you all with nothing right?

witch: this outfit is so comfortable, i'm glad i managed to find that inanimate transformation blog it helped me get all the clothing i could ever need. I hope the blog author is enjoying his new role, after all i gave him the best seat in the house, even if it may be a bit dark down there but at least he gets an all year round position. But now i have this sexy outfit i may as well wear it while i can. It'll be a whole year til i can wear it again. You'd better watch that i don't come after more after all i need a nice warm coat to go with this outfit.

Happy holidays from inanimate transformations.